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This website acts as a personal archive along with general information about various topics of interest. Opinions, observations, concepts, etc. I have a lifelong background in personal computers with knowledge of both legacy systems and currently utilized hardware/software combinations. Linux/UNIX, Windows, and Sun/Oracle Solaris. I have been a web developer since 2003, creating several communities and websites along the way. I have over a decade of experience selling on eBay. I also have interests in philosophy, historical events, sports analytics, gunsmithing, and vinyl albums.

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Need to send an email? It's just 'me' @ this domain. I'm not a regular user of social media. I don't have accounts with Twitter or LinkedIn. I use Facebook sometimes, but you're welcome to add me. My personal eBay account sometimes has items for sale.
Last updated May 5, 2022. Website is always under construction.